Don’t Get Between This Man And His Cable!

We were sitting around having lunch, and for some reason, I got thinking about an old recording we heard years ago, before there was a blog. It was of a pissed off customer who was very upset that his cable wasn’t working, so barraged his cable company with rather inventive, profanity-laced messages. Dogen-faced? I have […]

When They Say They Give An Honest Telling Of Events, They Ain’t Kidding.

I wouldn’t have written about this story about a guy gettin’ it on with 3 horses, except for what I saw the guy’s mug shot had been labeled as. The picture was seriously labeled “horse_fucker.jpg”. Yup. That’s what someone at the Covington News thought would be a good name for Byron Christopher Jordan’s picture on […]

I Might As Well Crack Open Another One Since I Can’t Crack Open My Car

And we thought the guy slugging back a brew while the police wrote him up for DUI was bad. Paul Nigel Sneddon has him beat hands down. This guy got in a car accident after going on a 4-day drinking binge, , and his car was flipped over on its roof, but he still thought […]

The Following Post Is Brought To You By An Absolutely Extremist Whiney Baby…And The Government Of Canada

Well gees Louise, what do you know? Because I happen to bein favour of equal access to information and so don’t particularly care for the Conservative government’s new copyright bill,that makes mean “absolutist” and a “radical extremist” in the eyes of Heritage Minister James Moore.Thanks, Jim. He made the remarks during a speech at an […]