>Clearing Out The Clutter From My Head

>I had a few random thoughts floating through my head, so I thought I would write them down. Really, must I start all of these posts out the same way? Seriously? I’m really digging this last bit of weather we’ve been having. No crazy heat waves, some rain but not a whole heap, just nice […]

If You Go Down To The Square Today, There’s No Need To Wear A Top

For a post about how the day went, gohere. University of Guelph students Andrea Crinklaw and Lindsay Webb have organized what is being called a “Top Freedom Day of Pride” to celebrate the right of women to walk around topless in public. The event will be held in St. George‚Äôs Square on Saturday, August 28th […]

Service Animal Has Been Defined

A while back I mentioned that the US Department of Justice was updating its definition of service animal. Well, after lots of deliberation and consideration, they have settled on a definition. I saw this a couple of days ago, but Jill sent it to me again, and nudged me into blogging about it. Sorry that […]

You’ve Got Me All Wrong. I Do Respect My Elders, Which Is Why I Was Emptying The Man’s Pockets So His Legs Would Be Lighter And Walking Easier

“Hello, police? I’ve got a bit of a situation here. “So I’m standing out herewith this 83-year-old man pinned up against a wall while I go through his pockets.You know, just minding my own business when this hooligan comes up from out of nowhere and punches me right in the face! I’d like the bastard […]