Herouxville Did Something Cool!

Remember Herouxville? The ones with that little code making a big thing of immigrants? Well, After André Drouin left council, it appears the rest of the village has come out from under his spell, and council is thinking about scrapping the code. Good for them. I guess the little town was unknown until this code came around, and then everybody knew it, and nobody from Herouxville wanted to say where they were from.

André Druin is quite the piece of…work? Piece of something, as Steve says. Saying this code was historic, and that it was a symbol were interesting choices of words. It was historic in the sense that it brought the town back to the stone age, and it was a symbol…of bigotry.

What I can’t understand is how he managed to convince council to pass it, when now they all hate it. He must have some kind of hidden charisma, because I see no charisma in his quotes.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad Herouxville is coming to its senses. Sadly, it will take a long time before people forget that code. It’s human nature. We remember a negative event far longer than a positive one.

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