Talk Is Cheap, Until It’s Talk On National TV

Every time I think about this story, I giggle. I hope Dustin Kolodziej wins, and hands down.

Here’s the story. While defending Nelson Serrano in a murder case, James Cheney Mason said that it was impossible for Serrano to deplane and get to a hotel 3 miles away in 28 minutes. He challenged anyone to make the trek from the airport to the inn in that time, and if they could do it, he’d pay them a million dollars. He made this claim on national news.

Dustin Kolodziej decided to take him up on that challenge. He videotaped himself doing the trek, complete with time stamps, sent the video to Mason and asked for his money, at which point Mason said he was just joking. So…Kolodziej is suing Mason.

He has tried suing once, and the case got dismissed for what sounds like a technicality. I hope, this time, he wins.

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