I Could Use Somebody…To Help Me Get This Bird Shit Out Of My Yap

WhenBarbmessaged me about this yesterday, it brought even more joy to what had already been a fine day. Thank you Barb, and more importantly, thank you, pigeons!

Kings of Leon’s Friday show at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in St. Louisended after just 3 songs thanks to what can only be described as a literal shitstorm.

Apparently the venue has had a problem dating back several years with being overrun by pigeons, pigeons that tend to do what pigeons do when they overrun something. On this night, one of the birds who shall henceforth be known to all as the Saviour of Eardrums managed a bullseye and shat directly into the mouth of bassist Jared Followill. He would have gotten extra points had he nailed the singer, but really, who can complain about a job well done?

And here’s a friendly suggestion for the people at Rolling stone. The part of the headline that says “Band pelted by excrement, stops show after three songs,” how about changing it to “fans pelted by excrement, pigeons step in, save day”? I think that’s much better, especially if you’re concerned about accurate reporting.

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