Papa’s Got A Reusable Bag

Help me understandthis.You smash a window so you can break into an empty house, but while you’re there all you take is a snooze and an enviro bag? Maybe you’re a homeless person who needs something to carry things around in, but why not take some money or even some food while you’re at it?

Police are looking for a thief who stole 40 winks and a reusable grocery bag from a Guelph homeowner. Sometime between July 23 and 25, a person broke into a residence on Edgehill Drive, getting in by smashing a rear basement window, a news release said.

The only item stolen was a black reusable grocery bag, but it appears that whoever entered the house slept in the owner’s bed before leaving.

Anyone with further information is asked to contact Police or Crime Stoppers.

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