>Clearing Out The Clutter From My Head

>I had a few random thoughts floating through my head, so I thought I would write them down. Really, must I start all of these posts out the same way? Seriously?

I’m really digging this last bit of weather we’ve been having. No crazy heat waves, some rain but not a whole heap, just nice weather. I’m especially digging it because Trix and I can take the long walks we’ve always loved, because the streets we use for those aren’t ripped up anymore…for the most part. There are a couple of rough spots, but nothing unnavigable. I think Trix is enjoying it too. She never complained, but those shitty little walks to bus stops or to the store must have gotten really boring.

A little while ago, I updated the Trekker’s maps and software, and there are some definite cool new features on here! One is the ability to have it tell you where something is in terms of the clock face. I find it much easier to interpret 9 o’clock than 90 degrees on your left. Definite awesomeness there. I’m a big fan of the ability to hit the left and right validate keys and find out about where the next intersection is, or the next and previous instruction in a route. Also, the ability to push a button while you’re on a route and have it reroute is much cooler than doing it in the menu. Plus, the ability to have it automatically switch from pedestrian to motorized mode is handy. I’m down with any reduction of button pushing while I’m on the move. Generally this new update makes Trekker a lot more sensitive to things changing as you move, which is awesome.

And the new maps rock. Many more POI’s have been picked up. Definitely sweet. I’m a happy woman. Those hours of struggle were all worth it.

A feature that I never noticed the ability to do before was to browse from your current position. So you can stand at a given spot, flash into browsing mode and then just figuratively look around you. How awesome is that? If I had been more familiar with it, I would have used it when I encountered some construction on a street where I wasn’t expecting it. What I ended up doing was backtracking way more than I should have needed to do, because if I had just browsed around, I would have figured out I could have just gone one street over and then caught up with another part of the path I like to take. Duh! Use the power of the trekker!

But all this work with GPS gave me the idea for a funny cartoon. I wish I could write cartoons. This vision came to me when there was a news story on about how butterflies migrate. Anyway, I envisioned someone fiddling with a GPS trying to get it to help him get back home, when suddenly he found himself surrounded by laughing geese, ants, butterflies and pigeons! “We can find our way back to our homes without some fancy GPS,” they would say to the man, “And you call yourself a member of the smartest species? Maybe you should rethink that assessment!” I have no idea where that came from, but I kind of had to laugh at the idea.

Gees, when was the last time I really talked a lot about the huppy? I guess Trix did back at the end of May. He’s really trying to walk. He’s got the standing part down, and he’ll walk if you hold his hand. Sometimes, when I have his hand, he’ll try to watch out for steps for me. I jokingly called him my guide huppy. He’s funny, too, because when we’re in the elevator, or if we’re anywhere where we’re standing in place waiting for something, he’ll start jumping around. Silly guy.

And I think he’s starting to speak. He really likes saying “uh-oh,” and “yeah!” and I think I got him to say something that resembled “Dude” this morning. It was “Due” but I’ll take that. I’ve also heard him say daddy, doggy, and something that sounded like woof. It won’t be long now. And I think he’s almost got all his chompers. Man, I remember when he had hardly any. He’s gettin’ bigger, and it’s scary.

This is the first summer he’s been in the pool. He’s got the coolest swim suit ever. It has built-in floaty things on it! Awesome! He looks so cute in it. I wish I could put a picture of it on here.

I really don’t have much to say about the whole Future Shop saga. I called again and asked for an update, but the manager was on vacation. Grrr! But Brad was telling me that he went into a Future Shop, and they had a flat PIN pad, but they did have an overlay for it. Unfortunately for him, the overlay was broken or something. But they had an overlay! That means, maybe someone’s been thinking about this issue!

I feel old. I mean, really old. For the first time, I received my Rogers cell phone bill on a CD. Why was this necessary? Because 3.5 inch disks are officially obsolete! I mean, they aren’t being made anymore.

Yes, you heard me, obsolete! I have seen the 5.25 inch disks go the way of the dinosaur, and now the 3.5 inch too! Granted, what they can hold compared to a memory stick is really really small, so it was probably their time to go, but I’ve seen yet another technology die during my life that I also remember being considered new and improved when I was much younger.

And that about does it for this pile of thoughts. It was a short trip, but hopefully a good one.

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