It’s The Roboss!

Oh boy. Here comes Spike, the next generation!

A company called Anybots has designed QB, a robot that you control remotely, that can sub in for you at the office! Seriously. Apparently, from time to time, Anybots president Trevor Blackwell stays at home, and he sends in QB to talk to his employees. It wheels around under his control and has a video and still camera and microphone. So, he sees and hears what it sees and hears, and anything he says, his voice is projected out to the employees.

I can understand it in situations where all but one member of a team are in one place, and this robot would allow that person to be with the team, but I know we as human beings will take it too far. In fact, Blackwell hopes we can eventually use these robots to go on remote vacations, touring foreign countries without leaving your home. Um, why? Part of a vacation is to actually be there so you can feel the atmosphere as well. Seeing and hearing alone is not good enough. And why would you want to just sit in your bedroom? Live a little! We really don’t need the movie “Surrogates” coming true.

There is apparently a demo video on that page, but I can’t see anything but the title, which is a damn shame because I can see lots of text within the source code. Can anyone else find an identical demo video on YouTube somewhere? I found this one, but since I can’t see the original video, I can’t very well confirm that it’s the same.

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