Hey Dave Caroll, Wanna Write Another Song?

Yikes! Apparently United breaks guitars, and Air Canada breaks custom-made $15000-wheelchairs of kids with Muscular Dystrophy. But thanks to some major tweetage, they’re repairing his chair and they’ve given him a replacement, sorta. But it’s going to take a while because these things are custom-built.

Here’s a novel idea, airline people. Be careful with the luggage! If you were gentle with it, maybe it would arrive safely! Maybe, just maybe, you wouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars to fix ten-year-old Tanner Bawn’s chair. Maybe you should earn the trust that people place in you instead of repeatedly shattering it, just like you shattered his wheelchair.

I love how the airline says they gave him a manual chair and then a replacement electric and were working hard, but the family says that’s so not what happened. There’s something about this family. I believe them over the airline, no question about it.

I hope, when the kid gets his wheelchair back, it’s even better than the one they smashed in the airport. At least maybe then he’ll get something out of it after being confined to his bed until they fix it.

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