Wacky Lackey

Look, James Blair Lackey, if you’re going to send a big ol’ cellphone picture of your nether regions to someone, check the damn number, would ya? If you don’t, and the number’s wrong, you’ve got yourself an offended woman and some obscenity charges.

And this is a message to everyone. If you’re going to send a message that should only be seen by certain people’s eyes, triple check the number! I got called up one day by a strange number. I picked up, and got greeted by that Rogers text to land line robo voice. It said something very similar to “Suck my Chinese nuts. I got your number from one nut. Guess who?” I have no flaming clue who that number belonged to, so I’m sure that message was intended for someone else. If you’re going to start talking about sucking nuts, for the love of Christ, make sure you’re texting the right person!

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