She May Be Old, But She’s Not Slow

Raymond Shepard has joined the ranks of those not meant for a life of crime. He followed 69-year-old Carol Costello out of a store, intent on mugging her. After all, he had seen she had thousands of dollars in cash on her. Shepard and another guy followed her for a distance, then blocked her in with their car. Shepard got out and tried several times to break her windows with his gun. When that didn’t work, he jumped on her hood and started smashing at her windshield. He made a hole, the only problem was he dropped his gun through the hole, right into Costello’s lap. Costello, thinking this must have been a miracle, promptly pointed his own weapon at him. Then Shepard ran off, but he dropped his cellphone, which police used to track him down.

What a dick. I’m glad they caught him.

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