Another Chuck Visit Down

So, I mentioned that I would be having my Chuck follow-up during that giant Trixie post on Saturday. Yesterday, we had it. It was a quick one, and probably not my best follow-up, but Chuck seemed reasonably comfortable with it.

It was so damn hot that I was glad we probably wouldn’t be walking far. We parked downtown, and Chuck commented on how much construction there is in this town. Yeah, you betcha. Then we basically walked a couple of blocks to this parking lot whose entrance was all torn up to see if there was a better way in.

At the first corner, somehow, I got somewhat askew. I felt sheepish for not detecting it sooner, but that damn intersection is weird because it’s the one where all the cars stop in both directions. But we got across, and I wanted to crawl in a hole. The next one was fine, except I couldn’t trigger the audible signal. They’re a brand new type and I was having trouble. Then some dork drove out in front of us. Weirdo! We looked at the parking lot entrance, and it looks like the way I was going, although treacherous, is the best way to go. So we did that a couple of times, and then crossed back and went down to a bench, through some pretty tight spots, where I was meeting someone else. And like a flash, Chuck was gone.

He did show me the coolest trick ever. You know how a while ago, I was complaining about Trixie’s need to sniff the crap out of a pole? Well, Chuck fixed that problem good. All I have to do, and this is so stupid I should have figured it out, is as soon as she’s found the pole, praise her and have her sit! That way, a. she’s not moving, and b. she’s probably aligned correctly because she just found the pole! Brilliant! Simple, but brilliant! Yes sir!

Chuck said she looked fantastic, which always makes me want to dance a jig. My boodog looks good. I mean, I knew that, but it feels good when other people notice it.

I guess overall it was a good follow-up. That one crossing made me mad at myself, but I think we did ok for the most part. I always get nervous when Chuck’s around, even though I’m not really nervous about the follow-up process. It’s just the idea that I know someone who knows about guide dog stuff is watching me, so I pray I do everything right, which in turn makes me tense, and almost ensures I make a booboo. In my head I know this, but I always do it.

Another follow-up visit done. Good stuff, good stuff.

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