Guelph Remastered: Ask Some Businesses If It’s Worth It

Someone said something to me the other day when I was at that Tim Hortons at Speedvale and Stevenson where I met that super awesome helpful lady. I was talking about the hideous construction, and how bad Speedvale and Stevenson was. The girl working at Tim Hortons said that it’s brutal, and the construction is hurting their business.

All Canadians, just process that for a minute. The construction has been able to mess with a Tim Hortons! People will do anything to get to their favourite Tim Hortons. The two main questions being asked by callers during the blackout of 2003 info radio show they put on, besides questions about major factories in town, were “Is the beer store open?” and “Do you know if there are any Timmy’s open?” What is the equivalent in the states? Duncan Donuts? Starbucks? It’s Timmy’s!

So, think about that a bit more. If construction can do that to a big business like Tim’s, what does that do to little mom and pop shops? Well, we already know what it does, just try and get yourself some Curry in a Hurry. Oh yeah. They’re closed.

I know we needed a going over, and badly in some places. But I really think while the city is getting itself remastered, they should be compensating the smaller businesses that may not be able to weather the storm inflicted on them. Tim’s will feel it, but they’ll be fine. Some other places may not make it through months of street closures and barriers.

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