It’s The Humane Society, Not The Chow Mein Society!

What kind of a weirdo is Gary L. Korkuc? Apparently he’s a weirdo who wants to eat his pet cat because he thinks the cat is mean. What makes this even weirder is he adopted this cat. So is he a nice man who snapped, or did he just adopt the cat because he didn’t feel like paying for one at a pet store?

I’m glad Corkuc missed a stop sign so police could stop his car and hear the cat meowing from the trunk. Apparently, he had it in a cage marinating in red peppers, chili pepper, salt and oil. They saved the poor thing and took it back to the shelter from which Corkuc adopted it. Now the shelter has a big ol’ memo up on the wall telling staff not to adopt any pets out to Corkuc.

Just twisted! As much as I’m glad the cat was still alive when he had done this, why in the world would you marinate a live cat? Like, um, wouldn’t the fur soak up all the stuff? I feel sick for writing that.

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