So Yeah, About That Whole You Guys Firing Me Thing…

Man, thisSteven Slater storyjust won’t die.

Since it all went down the guy has become a folk hero for quitting his job in such spectacular fashion, a couple of passengers have come forward to say he was an asshole to them during the flight, at least one of his exes has gone on national television to talk about him, and now he would apparentlyreally like his job back, please and thanks.

I have to chuckle a bit at Howard Turman, Slater’s lawyer. When asked about the grabbing a beer part of the story, he says that Slater wasn’t drinking during the flight. I have to laugh because nobody said he was. They said he grabbed a beer before activating the emergency slide, which would have happened once the plane was on the ground. A person as technicality-minded as a lawyer should be all over that one, but I guess it doesn’t work that way when things aren’t working to your advantage.

I also have to wonder how much of a hero to everybody he’s going to be now that he’s speaking through a lawyer, asking that he please not be fired and saying he cares deeply for the airline indystry. Kind of fucks up the take this job and shove it image that he’s been tagged with, wouldn’t you think? Not saying he cares about that or even that he should, but it’s just something to think about.

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