Thursday’s The Day The Teddy-Bears Have Their Picnic

A while back, I mentioned The Teddy Bear Picnic. Well, it’s almost here, so I think it deserves a full plug. Here’s their little blurb about it.

Thursday August 19, 2010
McCrae House
McCrae House
108 Water Street
Cost of Admission:
$3.00 per person at the gate / FREE Admission for Members of Guelph Museums
Presented by:
Guelph Museums 

All Dates/Times For This Event:

August 19, 2010 13:00-16:00
This event is a fundraiser.
This event is suitable for children.

It’s time for our annual Teddy Bear Picnic.  Bring your favourite bear and join us at this fun filled day!

B.Y.O.T.B. (Bring your own Teddy Bear!)  It is time once again, for the annual Teddy Bear Picnic at McCrae House.  On Thursday, August 19th  from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., McCrae House will host an afternoon of Teddy Bear festivities.  This year we add to an already packed agenda more entertainment, displays, games, activities and crafts for families to enjoy.  There will also be special displays and demonstrations provided by many community groups and businesses.

$3.00 per person at the gate.  FREE admission for Guelph Museums’ Members.  Members from our partner sites pay the at the gate admission price.

Bear Judging Categories for the 2010 Teddy Bear Picnic (The judging will begin at approximatley 2:35 pm): 

1. Best Canadian Bear

2. Best Bear Family

3. Best Bear Look-A-Like

4. Best Fairy Tale Bear 

Other Event Details:
Wheelchair Access: YES – Wheelchair Washrooms: YES
Hearing Accessibility: NO

And the Guelph Barrier-Free Committees will be there as one of those community groups. Kids can come get their names in braille courtesy of yours truly, try and decode the braille message, take an alphabet card, learn about disaibilities with a neat little colouring book, try and write using a writing splint, check out braille blocks, a braille book, a teddy-bear-sized wheelchair, and lots more!

Trix and I will be there for the whole 3-hour event. It should be fun. I’m looking forward to reading this goofy little kids’ book about the Perkins Panda. Good times! I hope to see lots of little kiddies there.

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