Canoe Believe This?

Good god, does Matthew Johnson’s family hang out withthe family of Brian Hopkins? They must! Two families couldn’t independently come up with such similarly stupid lawsuits…or could they?

The story goes that Matthew Johnson and 3 nitwit friends went and rented a canoe. They decided to jump off a railroad trestle into Mad River. A train was coming. Three of them made it into the river, Johnson…not so much. Now, his family is suing the railroad, and the people who rented the canoe! Yes, somehow the people who rented the canoe should have told Carol Johnson’s stupid son not to jump off the railroad trestle into the water, because they should have known that people might do that.

I have a different ending to the story. People who reach the age of 21 should know better than to stand on railroad trestles, especially when trains are coming. There is no way he couldn’t have seen the train, so it’s his own damn stupid fault he died.

I’m getting too angry. I have to stop looking at stupidity for a minute.

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