He’s A Career Criminal, But The Career Was Less Than Stellar

I would usually say that Nathan Wayne Pugh is not meant for a life of crime, but he has a criminal history spanning 30 years. Well, I guess he’s not meant for a successful life of crime because he always gets busted. This epic bank robbery fail is no exception.

Pugh: Teller, I’d like to make a withdrawal, a big one! *hands over robbery note*.

Teller: How much?

Pugh: $2000!

Teller: For that much money, I’ll need some ID.

Pugh: Ok, sure, how’s my Wells Fargo bank card?

Teller: I’ll need one more piece of ID.

Pugh: Will my Texas ID suffice?

Teller: Why Sure! Here’s $900. I’ll need to go get the rest elsewhere. *presses silent alarm.*

Pugh: I’ll just take this. What’s that? Coppers? Ok, I’ll take this woman with her baby as a hostage! *places woman in choke hold*

Hostage: Na, I don’t think so. *breaks choke hold, wrestles Pugh to the ground.*

Cops: Nathan Pugh, You’re under arrest!

Hahaha! I couldn’t stop laughing reading this. Not only did he fork over two pieces of ID, but he couldn’t even hold somebody hostage! Yup, we know why he always gets caught. I think he should just give up on criminal activity. He doesn’t have the brains for it.

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