Order In The Court…And Order Of Poutine To The Head

David Birch and his ex sound like quite the interesting pair. Birch walked into a Timmins business, and suddenly found himself looking at his ex. Due to several court orders, he’s not to have any contact with her. But for some reason, they started arguing, and she asked him to hold two bowls of poutine for her. Then, Birch dumped one poutine over her head and snatched her purse. Yup, that’s what it says he did. They found him later and ordered him to return the items. But she says she’d be happy to have him back in her life if he’d just repay the money he owes her. Yeah, he sounds like a fine fellow. I’d love to hang out with a guy who would unexplainably dump poutine on my head and run off with my purse. Ug these women who go back to people who have previously treated them like crap…they make me shake my head.

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