The School Needs A Few More Nuggets Of Wisdom

Here we go again with more zero tolerance bullshit.

Adam Hernandez was handcuffed, photographed, fingerprinted and charged with theft. What did he steal? A $2.60 chicken nugget meal. Seriously. And he didn’t even steal it. A friend of his was part of the Free Lunch program, Hernandez wasn’t, and he gave Hernandez his lunch. Suddenly, Hernandez was a criminal, and had stolen from the cafeteria. Police were called, and he was carted away.

Just before trial, the police chief decided to drop the charges, saying there are other ways to deal with the situation. Yeah, duh. Good of you to come to your senses, Chief.

So kids, if you’re not on the free lunch program and your friend who is offers you his lunch, for the love of Pete, don’t take it. You’ll be branded as a thief without even stealing.

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