Rare And Awesome Guide Dog Moments

Yesterday was quite the day of rare happenings. First, I was able to explain to not one, but two different people the concept of why you shouldn’t pet a working dog, and they got it! They really got it!

Second, a little tiny kid looked at me and quietly asked, “Can I…please…pet…your dog?” With a request like that, I couldn’t resist. I took Trix’s harness off and let the little guy have a pet. I praised him up and down for asking.

Then, a little dog just sat right next to Trix and didn’t even get all crazy about her. Then the kid started petting both dogs and comparing notes. “This one’s soft. This one’s soft too! This one’s ears are bigger!” I just grinned. It was so cute.

How many times does all that happen in one day? Not very often.

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