Zombies In The Mall? What’s The Crime?

I feel like I’m missing some details here. Did anyone see this zombi performance go on?

The story goes that seven people obviously dressed up, and acting like, zombies, were walking through a Minneapolis mall. They were trying to protest mindless consumerism. At one point, police told them to keep their distance from everyone else because they were scaring the children. Then, police arrested them, saying their amplified iPods were simulated weapons of mass destruction! Pardon? Are you serious? An amplified iPod?

They were held in jail for two days and then released without charge. At one point, one of the police apparently said that he didn’t give two craps about their constitutional rights. One of them had his prosthetic leg taken away and was given a wheelchair on the grounds that his leg could be used as a weapon. But he asserts that the wheelchair’s leg rests were heavier and easier to use as weapons.

Now, they sued the city, and the city is settling to avoid going to trial. The city says the police acted reasonably.

Maybe if I’d seen the zombi protest, I could have understood why they were arrested. But if they had a reason to arrest them, just give them a charge of disorderly conduct. Why go into all this mumbo jumbo about simulated weapons of mass destruction? I didn’t even know you could get charged with such a thing.

I’m glad they’re getting some money, but I doubt the police will change a thing.

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