Facebook Will Put A Frown On Your Face If Mom Friends You

This story of kids wanting to unfriend their parents on Facebook comes as no surprise to me. One of the things I hate about Facebook is the way everything intertwines. The last people I would want on Facebook, if I gave in to the dark side and joined that thing, are my parents.

But the main reason for kids wanting to unfriend mommy dearest, as she seems to be the main problem, is not what I thought it would be. I would have thought most parents who have earned their kids’ frustration would use Facebook as the lazy parent’s way of keeping an eye on their kid. Wanna know what Johnny is doing? Watch his status on Facebook. Look at all his friends. PM them when he’s not home. Find out more about that party by looking at friends’ pictures they’ve posted. If anything screams “eeewww,” it’s that.

But the main problem, apparently, is that moms have a new place to nag. They can not only say “Clean your room!” in person, they can post it on your wall. They can leave embarrassing comments on your wall and mention things that you’d really rather mom not say. It’s so bad that there’s a song about it.

Ug Facebook. I’ll never have one of my own.

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