Ask About Our Free Condomnental Breakfast

Eeewww! Just eeewww! Something tells me the Wyndham Gardens Hotel in Atlanta is going to have to keep really really clean after this story.

According to the story, a grandmother had taken a couple of grandkids for a weekend of fun before they started school. They came back to the hotel and found that they had no towels or soap, and the sheets didn’t smell clean. But they went to sleep. When they woke up, grandma saw that one of the grandkids had a used condom in his mouth! After getting it away from him, she said she started to see blisters form. Now they’re having to test him for who knows what, and they might sue.

There’s a part of me that’s really suspicious. I mean, this kid was almost school-aged. I totally get that a kid might touch a used condom wondering what it is, but would he practically swallow it?

I hope the kid doesn’t get something totally nasty, and I hope nothing about this was set up. I mean, I would think a grandma wouldn’t intentionally expose her grandchild to something dangerous, but you never know anymore.

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