Get Off The Road, Not Off On The Road

Colondra Hamilton
I guess if you’re going to be going around doing things that will probably get you arrested, you might as well go all out. That’s exactly what Cincinnati woman Colondra Hamilton, 36, apparentlydecided to do.

Police only pulled her over because they noticed her car had overly tinted windows, but they soon discovered why that may have been. As it turned out, the windows were the least of her problems. More concerning was the fact that Hamilton’s pants were unbuttoned and that she had a vibrator in her lap, a vibrator that she admitted she had been using as she drove. And why might she have been driving down the road and suddenly felt the urge to fire up her old pal Battery Bob? Perhaps the pornographic movie she was watching as it played on the laptop of her friend in the passenger seat might have been a factor. But wait, we’re not quite done. As police were searching her, they found a broken piece of crack pipe in her purse, though thankfully she didn’t appear to be using that at the same time.

Hamilton was booked into the Hamilton County Jail (no it isn’t named after her at least not yet) on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and driving with impaired alertness. Well, that’s one way of putting it.

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