Paws In The Park

I’m just full of plugs this morning.

I got an email from K9 Helpers, an organization that works to pair people with psychiatric diagnoses with service animals if they think they could benefit from some specific tasks the dog could perform, about an event that’s coming up. It sounds like a lot of fun. I’m not sure if Trix and I will go, but we’ll see.

Dear Friend and Supporter of K9 Helpers,

We at K9 Helpers are delighted to invite you to our next event. It’s a fun fall Dog-a-thon—called Paws n the Park. We hope you’ll register, sign up some sponsors, and come to Riverside Park on September 18th.

You can bring your dog, and your whole family. We’ll have a short dog walk and then some special activities for dogs—bobbing for floating dog cookies, following a trail of cookie crumbs, and a special contest called “My Dog Can Do That,” with a number of prizes for the highest placing dogs.

Owners can participate in the “People bobbing for people cookies” event, “Dog and Owner Look-a-Like” contest and can help their dogs compete for a title as the Best Dressed Dog.

We’ll start at 2:30 with registration at the large pavilion at Riverside, then the short walk on leash through the park, special activities and contests and a penny table. Refreshments will be available.

You can register online at, or at Stone Road Mall on September 4th or 11th. Please come—for the fun, and to help K9 Helpers.

Something tells me Trix won’t be following the cookie crumb trail. That sounds like a recipe for disaster in my future hahahaha.

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