Strangers And Holsters And Beer, Oh My!

Steve sent me this story of late-night chaos, and it would have been a pretty ordinary story, except for two things. First, our star of the show was just strollin’ down the street with a pitcher of beer in his hand. We don’t know if he bought a pitcher of beer and figured he could just walk out with it, or if he swiped the pitcher, but there he was, strollin’ down the streets of Guelph with a pitcher of beer in his hand. Dude, even if you bought a pitcher, that doesn’t mean you get to walk out *with* the pitcher!

Then, when cops stopped him and the woman who was walking with him to ask him about the beer, the chick decided to kiss a random stranger. This didn’t sit well with the dude, so he shoved the kissee. Then he kicked up a fuss when police, who were still right there, weren’t down with the shoving match. Yeah, and trying to rip a gun out of a cop’s holster is gonna end well. But then again, he thought shoving someone right in front of the cops would be a good idea. Both the dude and his smooching friend are in custody after his smooching friend started spitting at police.

The image of the woman randomly kissing someone is funny enough. Then the dude shoving the other poor fellow who probably didn’t even know the chick just adds a whole extra layer of weird.

I’m so glad I’m not out late at night in downtown Guelph. The weirdos really come out to play. And I think these two weirdos should ease up on the booze just a touch.

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