Thoughts From Those Who Went To Top Freedom Day Of Pride

People have been slamming us looking for coverage of the Top Freedom Day of Pride, which has also been affectionately nicknamed Lollapabooba by the shoe thhief, and Rubfest by Steve and I, since Guelph’s Ribfest was going on at the same time, and…the dirtier among us might have a rubfest after seeing some topless women. Well, here it is. It looks like about 20 women showed up with no shirts on, and tons of men with cameras, too, so you folks looking for videos, I’m sure you’ll find ’em. this woman was also there, and agrees that the spectators were there more for gettin’ some boobage photos than anything else. I still say duh, but it’s sad. I did have to chuckle that the men had sunglasses on while they snap snap snapped. Dude, if you’re going to stare and snap pictures, take the sunglasses off. At least we should be able to see you too.

I didn’t go, partly because I’m not the take off my shirt type, even though I have the right and all, and I’m glad that I do. I just, I dunno, was never one to walk around without a shirt on. Another part of it was I didn’t know what kind of weirdos would come out of the woodwork, hehehehe, I said woodwork, on both sides. I didn’t want to get badgered by some overzealous activist to take off my shirt, even though Steve says that would be shirt rape as he calls it, and he’s probably right. Plus if I ever had enough courage to take off my shirt, which would be highly unlikely to happen, I didn’t want some dude to do who knows what. “Here let me help you.” *touch*. Ug. I just didn’t even want to go see it. I guess that makes me a sad excuse for a woman, but so-be-it.

At least it’s gotten people talking about it again, even if some of the talking consisted of cries of “Aaa, the children will be scarred for life!” By a boob? Are you kidding me? Maybe it’ll do just a little bit of good. You never know. The organizers say they want to make this an annual event. I guess we’ll see.

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