The Classroom Was A Buzz Of Activity

I think Kyle Dubois should have read the story of Kirsten Taylor before he thought that attaching aligator clips to his nipples and then having someone plug him in would be a good idea. Of course, it wasn’t, and his heart stopped. Luckily, or maybe unluckily, paramedics were able to attach paddles to that same area and restart his heart with a much smaller jolt. But now, because he suffered brain damage from the first zap, he’s suing the teacher, the school, the district and the city.

My first thought is that he had brain damage before. Who thinks that wiring yourself up to electricity, especially when you attach things so close to the heart, won’t end badly?

But then, apparently the teacher didn’t think it was a bad idea either, since he said he’d give him a Mountain Dew for doing it.

But I’m not sure if I believe that part of the story, since the suit also claims that the teacher had left his students unattended for long periods of time. So, was he there, and telling him he’d give him a Mountain Dew, or was he not there? Which is it? You can’t have it both ways.

The teacher resigned over it, so he must have felt somewhat responsible. If he actually thought the kid shocking himself in the nipples was a good idea, then I wonder if he had done it once before and he too had suffered some brain damage.

I can’t believe the family even wants to sue when their 18-year-old kid was the one who chose to do something so stupid. How can they lift their heads up in court? Oh yeah, they’re not alone in this ability. Why do I bother asking?

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