I’m In The Mood For Food! Oh Bother! There’s No More Food Here!

Let’s add Lynne Gravier to the list of stupid people feeding bears. I think next time I go to a casino, I want to take this woman with me. She has been feeding bears for 25 years, even letting them into her house, and she did not become a yummy feast. Also, no neighbours have […]

Let’s Leave This Idea In The Dump Near The Consideration Stage

God, what a stupid idea this is, and I’m not just saying that because I personally don’t watch a lot of movies. According toreports,Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., and Disney are considering launching a service that would give customers the privilege of watching their films on set-top boxes before they come out on DVD or Blue-ray, […]

Unhappy Birthday

This story of a kid’s birthday party turning into a drunken brawl causes me to ask so many questions. There’s the obvious question. What kind of idiots would break beer bottles and involve themselves in a massive 75-person brawl in front of 30 children? Not only are you setting a horrible example, but you’re endangering […]