Butts And Boobs In The Same Story!

Wow! There are seriously people with the last name of Boob? Has anyone ever met anyone with that name? The first person I’ve ever heard of is now, well, dead. I feel so juvenile, laughing at things such as “the Boob home” or “the Samuel Boob online memorial. But…but…his name is Boob! I’m sorry, I’m sure he was a nice fellow, who has four, uh, booblets running around, who wouldn’t appreciate me ridiculing their father’s name. I’m sorry. I can’t stop.

But what pushed it over the top is the fact that a man named Kermit Butts has been charged with assisting someone else in killing poor Mr. Boob.

Oh I feel so sorry for anyone who has been cursed with that last name. How can anyone take them seriously? The last name is…Boob! I guess the only way to make things better for Boobs everywhere is for everyone to see more of ’em. Ahem. I think I have Top Freedom Day of Pride on the brain.

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