>Butts And Boobs In The Same Story!

>Wow! There are seriously people with the last name of Boob? Has anyone ever met anyone with that name? The first person I’ve ever heard of is now, well, dead. I feel so juvenile, laughing at things such as “the Boob home” or “the Samuel Boob online memorial. But…but…his name is Boob! I’m sorry, I’m sure he was a nice fellow, who has four, uh, booblets running around, who wouldn’t appreciate me ridiculing their father’s name. I’m sorry. I can’t stop.

But what pushed it over the top is the fact that a man named Kermit Butts has been charged with assisting someone else in killing poor Mr. Boob.

Oh I feel so sorry for anyone who has been cursed with that last name. How can anyone take them seriously? The last name is…Boob! I guess the only way to make things better for Boobs everywhere is for everyone to see more of ’em. Ahem. I think I have Top Freedom Day of Pride on the brain.

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