Sir, Do You Know How Dumb You Were Going?

If there’s not more to this story, what a dipshitthis guyis.

A car pulls him over in Oakville and a woman riding in it tells him she’s a police officer, he’s been speeding and she’d like that fine paid right here and now, thankyaverymuch. He informs her that he doesn’t have the cash on him, so she goes with him to an ATM to get it and then leaves with an undisclosed amount of money. It should be noted that this woman was not wearing a police uniform and refused to show any sort of identification, telling this goober that it wasn’t a requirement. He bought this because of her demeanour, according to the article. Then again he also didn’t appear to know how speeding tickets work, so he’d likely buy just about anything you told him if you sound official enough.

The suspect has not been rounded up by the real police yet, but they say she was caught by cameras at the bank machine so it may not take long before she is.

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