There’s Birdwatching, And Then There’s A Watchbird!

Burglars expect to encounter resistance from a dog, but apparently, a bird can be just as effective.

Some burglars broke into a pet store, and managed to steal some snakes and another parrot, as well as kill some fish and rip the tail off a lizard. I understand stealing stuff, but just killing other animals for the sake of something to do? Get a hobby!

But one sun conure parrot named Jack was not havin’ it. I guess he ripped into the burglars, getting scraps of clothing and blood in his beak that were still there when the owner of the pet store came back. He also caused the burglars to run off, leaving a nice trail of blood on their way out.

Hopefully they find the burglars so they can get the stolen animals back, and so they can find out what compelled them to rip the tail off a lizard!

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