Braak Braak, We’ll All Be Dead, We’ll All Be Dead…

We were just talking about a guard bird in a pet store. Well, here’s one that was specially trained to be a lookout for cops by Colombian drug dealers, but this time, his warnings came too late. He’s apparently saying “run, run, you’re going to get caught!” in this video clip here. Are there any Spanish-speakers around that could tell me if he’s saying anything else?

Apparently, lots of drug gangs have used birds for this same purpose, because animal control folks have a whole flock of ’em.

Anyway, his warnings to run away came too late, because police captured him, 4 men, some other birds, and a whole stash of drugs and guns. Woops. It’s a good thing he wasn’t left alone with his trainers. Then, he might have wanted to run, run, or fly, fly!

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