What About The Woman On The Couch? Oh. She’s Part Of The Furniture

Eeewww. I don’t know how good I’d feel if I was one of the people viewing a house in Notting Hill where it was discovered that the owner of the house was lying dead on the couch while the tour was going on.

At first the agent thought the lady was just sleeping, so saved the living room for last so she might wake up. But after completing the viewing, he noticed that she was completely motionless and had turned a yellowish colour. So after escorting the folks out, he came back in and called her an ambulance. Upon arriving, the ambulance guy said she was already dead.

I find myself wondering if I were the agent, how I would handle that differently. Is it normal for a homeowner to sleep through the viewing of their house? I know I wouldn’t want to make a big scene of seeing if she was ok in front of the viewers, because some people would just freak out, and word might spread like mad. But would it be better to ask the folks to step outside a minute because you wanted the homeowner to be awake for the tour, and then check on her, and if something is wrong, just reschedule the viewing? I can’t imagine walking past a dead person and continuing on with the tour. But then again, I haven’t seen a lot of dead people. Maybe they look like they’re sleeping at first. But that leads me back to my first question. Have real estate agents had a lot of homeowners sleep through the viewings of their house?

I guess this poor woman had drank a lot, and her liver said see ya later, and she died. Yikes! I wonder how many viewers looked at her and wondered if something was wrong. And I wonder how many saw this story, complete with Google Street View shot, and feel all creeped out anyway.

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