Kindling Fear On The Bus

Hey there Lahcen Qouchbane. When you’re driving a bus, your eyes and concentration are supposed to be on the road, not on a Kindle. Read when you’re not driving a large bus full of people through morning traffic, thank ya very much.

I guess someone took the cell phone video, at which point the driver tried to say taking video of the bus driver was forbidden. They didn’t buy it, and the video went viral. Now TriMet fired him *again*. He was fired years ago for pushing a passenger, but an arbitrator got him his job back. I bet the arbitrator feels like an arse now.

This happened in Gresham. That’s where GDB’s Oregon classes go to do the bulk of their work. I wonder if any GDB students or staff were on the bus that morning.

I’m glad they fired him, although it looks like they didn’t have much of a choice. Hopefully he stays fired this time.

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