What Would They Do With A Phone Or A TV?

I saw something that made me chuckle yesterday.

I was coming home from picking up some stuff downtown. As I approached the door of our building, I heard the buzzer pad’s dial tone coming on and off, on and off. I thought “Oh boy, we have some poor souls who don’t know how to work the buzzer.” My parents were like that. They couldn’t figure out that when they buzzed me, it would make my phone ring. So when I would pick up and say hello, my dad would almost have a canary. “Let me in! I’m buzzing you!” Well, you’re coming through the phone there dude, and we don’t know right off that it’s you!

I walked through the door, and noticed that every time the dial tone would come on, these guys would yell numbers at the buzzer pad. Dudes, it has a phone keypad. Use the phone keypad! The weird part was they’d figured out that # turns on a dial tone and * turns it off, because they were turning it on and off. So I told them to hit # and then dial the person’s number. Amazingly, that worked.

But it didn’t end there. They began speaking a foreign language to the woman who answered the phone, and she sounded as confused as they did. Does her buzzer never go off?

Finally, they got through, and joined me on the elevator, at which point the hilarity continued. I told them I wanted the sixth floor, and asked them what floor they were going to. I sometimes ask this so I can figure out if they’re getting off before me so I don’t lose count of the clicks for each floor. They said they were going to the sixth floor too. While they were talking to me, they were feverishly hitting the elevator button for some floor. Guys, we’re moving, and repeatedly banging a button for a floor doesn’t make the elevator move any faster. Have you never seen either a buzzer *or* an elevator before?

Then we arrived at the fifth floor, at which point one of them said “This is 5” and they all got off. What the?

I don’t know why that amused me so much, but I had to chuckle. People and technology can be so funny.

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