MLB Still Mostly Hates Canada, But Somehow We Got Something Nice Out Of Them This Time

Seems myrantfrom back in May about the Jays getting shafted by the Major League Baseball schedule makers when it comes to holidays had quite a bit of impact. And by quite a bit, I of course mean pretty well diddly fuck all.

According tothis post from Drunk Jays Fansthat I’m going by because it’s here and saves me looking up the schedule myself, here are some of the highlights…if you want to call them that.

Things start out a little promisingly on the May 24 weekend. The Jays are home for a weekend interleague series against the Houston Astros. Ok scratch that, make that a part of the weekend series, because on the holiday Monday itself, they’re playing in New York.

The August long weekend’s holiday Monday actually fairs even worse, if you can believe that. The Jays aren’t playing an afternoon game on the road. They aren’t playing a night game on the road. Hell, they aren’t even playing a ridiculously late west coast game. They aren’t playing at goddamn all, for flaming ass shrapnel’s sake! How does stuff like this happen? Who schedules an off day on a holiday, even if it’s a Canadian one? Does the Blue Jays front office not have a say in any of this, or has the Rogers mentality of not giving jack fuck about customers rubbed off on this team even more?

But wait, what’s this? Home games? On Canada Day weekend? All of it? And they’re home games against the Phillies? that, I must admit, is pretty cool. It doesn’t make up for the dump that’s been dropped on our heads otherwise, but still, I’ll happily take it. I’m sure there will be some kind of ceremony to honour Roy Halladay like there was supposed to be last time before our fabulous Conservative government made the equally fabulous decision to host the G20 in Toronto, leading to this season’s series between the two being moved out of town and country. That’ll be a nice moment I’m sure. Wonder what the odds are we’ll actually get to see Doc pitch. Ok, I’m probably asking for too much there. I’m just happy we get a holiday home game for once. Maybe I had a tiny bit of impact after all. Yeah, I don’t think so either. I’m sure it was an accident.

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