I Know Markakis Sucks, But That’s No Reason To Throw At His Head

This is probably going to sound stupid coming from a guy who’s favourite sports involve people getting beaten up and injured, but all this stuff about how the Jays need to retaliate against the Orioles for throwing at and hitting Jose Bautista twice yesterday needs to stop. I get that people say it’s a part of the game to plunk a guy from the other team after the other team plunks one of your own, but seriously, why? What does it prove? Hitting a guy deliberately is one of those parts of the game of baseball that I hate even more than I hate the intentional walk. It’s dangerous and it’s stupid, and it’s not what a person signs up for when he chooses baseball as a career or a fun little pastime. You take up boxing or MMA or pro wrestling or even football and hockey expecting that you’re going to get drilled here and there, but in baseball the only thing that should be getting hit on purpose is the ball.

Back to the question of what does it prove, let me add something to that. What does it prove against a shitty team like the Baltimore Orioles? What does it prove especially when a shitty team like the Baltimore Orioles does it at the end of a series they’re losing at the end of a season where they’ve played like they’re trying to mathematically eliminate themselves from the playoffs for the next 4 years all at once? Us hitting their good player whoever that is only brings a team with a future down to their level. I may be in the minority, but it would say a lot more if they let it go and let the numbers 15-3 speak for themselves. Instead of remembering to retaliate next June, I’d be working on making sure that at the end of next year, the number after that – is a 0.

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