Who Has Egg On His Face Now?

Agim Demiri has a strange idea of how to express his disapproval with court decisions. When coming before Judge Timothy J. McJoynt to deal with some owed child support, I guess he didn’t like the ruling, so threw an egg at the judge. He narrowly missed him, but the egg splattered a plaque and some other stuff in the room. They found another egg on him afterward while searching him. The guy came fully intending to hurl eggs at the judge. That’s real mature. Then, in another session, he brought a box cutter! Dude, learn! If the egg got you 90 days in jail, who knows what the box cutter could have earned you. Amazingly, no charges were added when finding the box cutter. Why the hell not?

Well, I guess it could be worse. He could have pulled a Weusi McGowan.

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