Trixie Isn’t Singin’ In The Rain

It’s official, Trix is a giant puss. She’s stubborn as a mule, but a puss!

We set off to go to the drug store that’s not far from here. We had to pick up a few things. When we left it was raining. But we didn’t have to go far, so I figured we could get it done. After crossing at the corner both ways, Trix cut to the left when crossing. I told her to hop up but she wouldn’t straighten out. We weren’t going towards traffic, so I thought maybe there was some junk at the corner that she wanted to get around. We’d fix it once we were up on the sidewalk.

But once we got up on the sidewalk, the fightin’ started. Try as I might, she would not go to the corner. She would dig her feet into the spot, and not move if I went that direction. But if I went the other way, she would move just fine.

So, the only thing we’ve ever gone to in that direction is this little convenience store that I only go to if I’m in a big huge hurry or the weather is positively sucktastic. It’s more expensive, and sometimes I have trouble communicating with the people in there. But that was where Trix was bound, bent and determined to go.

Considering how much this city loves construction, I figured maybe the corner got ripped up, so I should probably ask someone why my dog was putting up such a fight going there. I waited for someone to walk by, but since it was raining, nobody was walking.

I eventually decided I should go in the store, buy something, and then ask them about the corner. So, Trix zoomed right in there. When I asked them about the corner, they said nothing was wrong. So, I can only deduce that my little rascal was refusing to walk in the rain!

Since we did need stuff at the other store that this one didn’t have, I had to physically muscle Trix around the corner, at which point she walked down the street just fine. I couldn’t feel anything that told me there was something wrong with the corner. I was worried that there might have been glass there, but there didn’t appear to be glass. What a rat!

After we arrived at the store, got what we needed, and then left, Trix showed her stubbornness again. I told her to go right, and she kept looking longingly to the left and acting as if she didn’t know what “find the ramp” meant. I actually had to do obedience to get her to half cooperate with me. I soon realized that as long as we were in the plaza, we were covered by a roof. As soon as we found the ramp, we would be rained on again! She also slowed down under a tree! Yup, what a goof!

Once there was no escaping the rain, she walked home just fine. But what a complete goof! Has she forgotten it could be worse? It could be snowing, you know.

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