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Remember back when I was talking about Blind Gamers Uno? Well, we have just found Uno to the next level. Yes, we have discovered RS Games Uno, or Uno you can play over the internet with other live players! Ooo! I no longer have to play north, south and east. I can play Steve, and other folks across the net. I played part of a game with a dude from Turkey! How cool is that?

Not only is it playable across the web, people can play it if they have Windows, Linux, or, holy crap, the mac! That means Ro, it’s on! Hahahah!

The cool thing is while you’re figuring things out, you can play with bots, or computer players. Or, if you only had one person who wanted to play with you, you could put a couple more bots in there just to make things interesting. Also, you don’t have to piss off other players while you’re learning things if you start off playing bots. I have learned today that apparently some players have a very short temper and have things to do and places to go. Cateyes, for one, stands out as a very impatient woman. Jeebers, I was just figuring out the system of everything and while I was trying to figure out what card I was going to play, I got bombarded with “play! play!” Well, woman, if you’d just leave me alone for a second, I might be able to play. Holy hell. I felt like we were playing for money or something! Admittedly, she got cooler once she realized that I wasn’t dumb, but still. What a way to greet a new player!

I guess I should mention that it has a chat feature. So, if you’re playing with friends, you can fire messages back and forth. You can also private message users. You can set up private games for folks if you don’t want anyone else coming in. Pretty cool!

I’ve just wasted one hell of a lot of my Sunday playing this thing. This is bad news, bad, bad news! RS Games also has Monopoly. I can’t even begin to imagine how long those games would be. I hope you can save ’em.

So if anyone feels like playing a round of Uno with either Steve or I, my username is WeeSmall, and Steve’s is AngusMcMuffin. Yes, we were feeling silly.

The folks at RS Games are giving this game away for free. If you like it, slip them a few bucks, would ya? I will be doing that for sure.

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