>Don’t Go Camping With Katrina Camp

>Katrina Diane Camp’s little girl is very, very lucky. Apparently, she, her mother and their dog went camping, and her mother decided to have a little fun. After drinking 3 quarters of a bottle of spiced rum, she decided to go on a hike with the dog, but left her two-year-old daughter naked in the back of the truck, with the driver’s door open and the keys on the passenger seat. Luckily for the little girl, some forest service workers were on patrol and found the truck. They first thought it was abandoned, but then saw the little girl in the back.

When they found Camp, she was totally out of it, and thought she was a lot closer to her daughter than she was. She kept saying she would never let anything happen to her kid…even though she left her unattended and naked in the truck in the middle of the road and had no idea that right now, as she talked to police, 3 total strangers were with her. Oh, and the poor little kid was hungry and thirsty. I think she finally made a pretty accurate assessment. “I suck.”

And this woman worked at a nursery at a gym. Well, she doesn’t anymore. In fact, they have removed all photos of her from the website.

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