If I Had To Play For The Orioles, Perhaps I’d Want To Do This Too

Brian Roberts says concussionlike symptoms might’ve been caused by his hitting himself in helmet with bat. Second baseman says he was frustrated after striking out.

“I don’t know 100 percent sure, but it was Monday night. In frustration [after a strikeout], I whacked myself on the head with my bat in the ninth. I had my helmet on,” Roberts said. “It’s something I’ve done a million times, but I still can’t tell you for sure if that was it. But that’s the only thing that I can point to because that night and the next morning, I just didn’t feel good. So it’s been going on since then.”

“I’ve never had concussionlike symptoms in my life; it’s not fun. It’s not something you want to go through every day, that’s for sure,” he said. “It’s a lesson to myself, a lesson to the kids to not do that, no matter how frustrated you are.”


And before anybody asks, no, this is not something fromThe Onion.

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