>She’s Cursed With A Stupid Husband

>Oh gees. It’s bad enough when women allow themselves to be taken advantage of sexually, but when it’s the woman’s husband who falls for this, and the woman is the one violated, that just makes me completely and utterly sick.

Some sick freaks decided to scare the hell out of this couple. So, they slipped a black wax object under their door and texted the guy saying that the family had been cursed. I have no idea how they got their cell number, it doesn’t say. So, the guy approached Tony Golossian, a guy who said he was a holy man and asked him if he could remove the curse. Why yes, he could. All it would take were naked prayer sessions with the man’s wife and $50000. With that, of course he could lift the curse.

So the guy gave cash to a female accomplice, and told his wife to go with her and two men to a hotel room for the, uh, prayer sessions. He made her go not once, but twice, and even after she said she thought she’d been assaulted. She was confused because the fraudsters calling themselves holy men made her wear patches over her eyes during this. But her husband would not believe her when she said she had been raped. You stupid man, even with patches over the eyes, you know if you’ve been raped! You stupid, stupid man! How about you go for the next naked prayer sessions. I’m sure you could find a priest or two that would enjoy that.

I don’t know what made the couple press charges, but they did, and she’s not the first victim of these people. How is that even possible?

Two sentences of complete and utterly mind-blowing stupidity. This one, on the subject of giving the cash to the woman: “I had to give it to her, otherwise I would have had to go away and become a monk.” Whaaat? Are you truly that brainwashed or willing to believe anything anyone tells you? You must be, because there’s this little snippet. After paying, this complete moron said “Could you please speak to the angels and ask if I gave the money to the right person?”

I don’t want to get into blaming the wife, but I can’t figure out why she eventually gave in and allowed herself to go back the second time. I mean, she knew bad things happened to her the first time. It’s bad enough that she went the first time, but she knew that it wasn’t good. If I had gone somewhere and something like that happened to me, I don’t care what Steve told me about going away and becoming a monk, I wouldn’t go back there. He would have to physically force me to go. I just wonder what kind of weird relationship the man and the woman had that he could convince her to do such a thing.

And this guy pays his bills, takes care of his affairs, and doesn’t live under the care of someone else to keep him from doing stupid things. Maybe he should. And maybe his wife should get the hell away, for her own safety.

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