The Guide Dogs Tag Meets The Trains Tag

I saw the headline guide dog dragged by speeding train” and screamed. I can’t, I just can’t imagine.

Somehow, the leash got caught by the sliding door and then the dog ended up out on the platform where it was dragged, got caught on something else, and fell to the guideway below. It appears to be alive, but needed one hell of a lot of surgery.

She has filed a claim for thousands of dollars in vet bills. If it was a freak accident, why is she asking the train people to pay for it? Did she ask the train to stop and they didn’t? How could they not? There once was a woman and a dog on board, and now there’s just a woman. I need more info.

Oh god oh god oh god. Keep a tight grip on that leash when getting onto a train. I can’t even imagine what the woman is going through, being inside the train while the dog was being dragged outside.

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