They’re Hounds On The News, But They’re Not Newshounds

Sylvia McCall definitely thinks outside the box. I don’t think I would have been able to think of this if I were in her shoes.

I guess she came to the car lot and said she wanted a cheap car. A salesman showed her some cars in her price range, and told her to have a look around. When she had decided she wanted to talk to a salesman, she discovered that things were being locked up, and she was inside…and there were guard dogs coming for her!

She called 911, but help didn’t come for 25 minutes, so there she was, up on the roof of the car trying to keep off the dogs, and she called the news! They tried to get her some help too, and eventually a police officer got her out of there. She wasn’t hurt, but was taken to hospital.

How the hell does that happen? Did the salesman not like how little she was willing to spend, so left her to the dogs? I hate to think that, but how could he just walk out when she was in there? And how come it took so long to get her some help?

She’s a lucky, quick-thinking woman.

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