He’s A Friend, Not An Ambulance Driver!

Ya know, if Jimmy McCoy wants to help out a friend while he’s being transported to the hospital, he can maybe sit beside him and talk to him, or if his friend wants a hand to hold, he can hold his hand. Attempting to drive the ambulance to the hospital because he thinks he can get their faster is not an option.

First, the paramedics were working on McCoy’s friend to get him stabilized when McCoy lost his patience and got behind the wheel. Way to go. If they were doing something delicate, they might have killed him!

Second, after the paramedics radioed in that their ambulance was stolen, a fire truck *stopped* the ambulance, and then they had to get another ambulance to take the patient to the hospital. So, McCoy actually slowed his friend’s progress to medical help. Double way to go!

Now McCoy needs $50000 to get bailed out. I doubt his hospital-bound friend will help him with that.

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