Another Satisfied Customer

I got yelled at yesterday formaking fun of somebody’s name in a post nearly 2 and a half years ago.I bring this up not because one of us getting yelled at is a rarety (it isn’t), but because I think I have a new favourite piece of hatemail.

u thank dhat shyt jfunni… fukk off dum asz

If you’re using a screenreader, you need to go back and read that letter by letter to get the full effect. If you aren’t using a screenreader, go back and read it letter by letter anyway and just imagine what it must be like to live life in this person’s head.

Unfortunately that comment went unsigned, but I’m sure that a search of the names of Pulitzer Prize winners will reveal our friend’s identity in short order. But I’m willing to bet that whoever left it was not the one whonominated us for that award last month.Yeah, I had to mention that one more time.

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