Rob Mask’s Memorial In Fergus

Edit: It’s in Fergus, not Elora. Damn me for not googling first. I heard it would be in Elora, so I thought this place was there. Apparently not. I know the towns are close, but close doesn’t cut it if you’re lost.

Remember back when I posted Robert Mask’s obituary and we didn’t know when the celebration in Elora would be? Well, apparently, all the info is on his Facebook page. My brother and sister found it, and then I came home, and someone who found us because of the obituary had also found it and emailed it to me. Thank you!

So, for those who don’t have Facebook, here’s the info.

Please join us for a celebration of Rob’s life on Sunday, October 17th from 1:30-3:30 pm at the Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex (gym). Share something about Rob we didn’t know or remind us of something we did. Try a few of Rob’s favourite foods. Celebrate a life well-lived through humour, friendship and love.

So there it is. I’m sure the place will be full.

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